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K 931 E (PhDs) 

Research integrity information for PhD students


  • Why ethics matter in science
  • Guidelines on Research Integrity at PSI
  • Planning and execution research work, data management, scientific publishing
  • Transfer of ethical principles and values to specific situations in research
  • Information sources, homepage RI with links


Participation in the course 931E (PhDs) is compulsory for all PhD students (3 parts) and participation in the course 931E (Postdocs) is compulsory for all postdocs, latest 18 months after they started working at PSI. You will receive separate invitations accordingly. The secretaries of the PSI divisions control the participation.


This course (for PhDs) consists of 3 parts
(1) Self-study: eLearning Course “Ethics in research”, 25 min. Will be accessible from Tuesday, 02.06.2020 on a web link and is to be completed before Friday, 12.06.2020

(2) Participation in face-to-face course on Tuesday, 16.06.2020, 13:30 - 15:30, WHGA/ 001 (Audimax): presentation guidelines with practical examples and discussions

(3) Answering questions (online) "Ethics in Research" to be completed before 30.06.2020

·       5 questions multiple-choice, intermediate evaluation, if 80 % correct: passed, 15 min.

·       If not passed: 5 questions, intermediate evaluation, if 80 % correct: passed, 15 min.

·       If not passed: personal interview with RI consultant /Ombudsperson, passed, 30 min.

 Course 931E (PhDs) is completed if parts (1), (2) and (3) are passed.

Face-to-face course (2): 2 h

Self-study (1) and (3): approx. 50 min

Exact time of (2) see announcements and RI Homepage Intranet (search: Integrity): https://intranet.psi.ch/Research_Integrity/VeranstaltungenEN

Date Face-to-face course
16.06.2020 (13.30 - 15.30)

WHGA/001 and online

Rafael Abela, Tel 3271

RI Officer / Contact
Helmut Schift, Tel. 2839, helmut.schift@psi.ch

Certificate of completion

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 100

see AGB

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