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K 928 E 

Workshop "Data analysis with Python PYTHON05 " (Online)

Short description

Everyone is talking about it: data is the new gold, let's dig. Python is our mining tool. Learn how to prepare your data for analysis correctly and efficiently and how to evaluate data using a special technique (hypothesis techniques).


  • Basics of Numpy:
    - What is this package able of

    - Which data analyses are possible
  • Introduction to pandas:
    - Pandas Data Structures

    - Functionality

    - Which data analyses are possible and useful with pandas
  • Loading and saving data
    - Practical handling of the most important file formats
    - Efficiency, performance and reliability
  • Preparing and cleansing up data
    - Dealing with missing data
    - Data transformation
  • Linking, combining and transforming data
  • Visualization
  • Aggregation and grouping of data
  • Time series
  • Pandas for advanced learners
  • Modelling Libraries
  • Examples from data analysis
  • Overview learning models with scikit


  • Data preparation
  • Data transformation
  • Quality evaluations
  • Analysis
  • Data analysis applications
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

Target audience

Data analysts, business analysts, data engineers, BI specialists, database specialists, Excel analysts


  • Practical examples
  • Instructor Led Online Training
  • Individual and group exercises in the virtual classroom

Continuing / advanced courses

K926 E: Introduction to programming with Python

K927 E: Python for software developers

K929 E: Python in SQL Server

Please note that K926E and K927 are overlapping. According to your prior knowledge you should choose which course suits you best.

Execution in



Two screens are necessary


Certificate of completion


Online/Virtual via WebEx Login


6 times half a day (24 lessons):

15. - 17. June: 08.30 - 13.00
22. - 24. June: 08.30 - 13.00


Dieter Rütschi, Fast Lane

Number of participants

Minimum 6 / Maximum 8

Further information

Philipp Hediger, Head of PSI Education Center, philipp.hediger@psi.ch

Questions with regard to registration

adminstration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00 (intern 2400), bildungszentrum@psi.ch



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