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Workshop "Top prepared for the appraisal interview (MbO)"

Short description
In this workshop the participants learn how to best prepare for an appraisal interview.


●        To be clear about what you want to achieve in the conversation (own goals, intentions)

●        To test possible approaches and their impact with peers and thus developing your own style (like playing tennis)

●        Theory only in addition, we focus on the actually trying out sequences

●        The goal is you are going home well prepared for the upcoming MbO interview

substansive goals

The participants

●        know the different aspects which play an important role in these kinds of interviews

●        build trust in their capabilities based on practical examples and are going to be well prepared for the MbO interviews

instrumental goals

The participants

  • have got concrete approaches and wordings how to lead the conversation
  • increase their professionality and develop their skills based on practical examples
  • benefit from feedbacks and experiences from peers

affective goals

The participants

  • become aware how they are perceived by others and what the impact can be and how they can influence the course of the conversation in a constructive way
  • go home well prepared with an approach that can be put into practice

Target audience

Executives, who are going to have their MBO interview with employees


●        Preparation: think about what situation you would like to prepare, what you would like to try out

●        In the seminar: trying out, put yourself in the other one’s shoe, feedback from peers, test practical sequences, exchange ideas / experiences, theoretical input only if useful

●        After the seminar: you’re going to receive some documentation after the seminar (pictures flipchart, insights etc.)

Execution in
English, dieser Kurs wird auch auf Deutsch angeboten


Bring your own case / situation, it’s not going to be a theoretical seminar, it’s practical orientated. Theoretical input only if useful. Willingness to try something out in a confidential context. Willingness to learn, to develop new skills.

Certificate of completion

PSI Education Center, OSGA (room see Infopoint at the entrance)

13.30 - 16.30 (3 lessons)


Karen Bärlocher, Movianda

Number of participants
Minimum 8 / Maximum 12

Further information
Philipp Hediger, Head of PSI Education Center, philipp.hediger@psi.ch

Questions with regard to registration
adminstration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00 (intern 2400), bildungszentrum@psi.ch


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