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Chemical safety basics - ENE

Target Audience
Employees, new employees, postdocs, students during their master thesis, working in bio or chemical laboratories


The participants

  • can assess the hazards of a substance using the GHS symbols and the safety data sheet and take safety measures independently
  • know how to behave in the laboratory and what personal protective equipment to wear
  • Short test


  • Interpret GHS symbols correctly and derive own behaviour
  • Handling of toxic and CMR substances. Especially consideration of possible exposure routes. Correct handling on the transport routes (glovebox-chapel-workbench)
  • Where can I find information in the safety data sheet? What is a MAK value?
  • Personal protective equipment, choosing the right gloves
  • General good laboratory practice (entering the laboratory only with PPE, closing the laboratory door, gloves only in the laboratory, cleaning the workplace before the end of work)
  • Correct behaviour in case of an emergency
  • Contact persons at PSI


08.45 to 12.00 (4 lessons)
Break from 10.15 - 10.30


PSI Education Centre OSGA (room see infopoint at the entrance)

Swiss Safety Center, Andreas Stenske

Further Information
Winfried Rendler (Head of Safety Section / Safety Officer), Tel. 2677, winfried.rendler@psi.ch

Questions with regard to registration
Birgit Kugler (PSI Education Center), Tel. 2500, birgit.kugler@psi.ch
Monika Fuchs (PSI Education Center), Tel. 2400, monika.fuchs@psi.ch

Certificate of completion

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 16

see AGB

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