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K 958 E 

Workshop "Publishing Research Articles: Strategies and Steps"

Target Audience
This workshop is aimed at PhD candidates and researchers planning to publish


The participants learn

  • to understand the publication process in peer-reviewed journals
  • to develop individual strategies for publishing research articles


  • The peer review system: players and procedures
  • Criteria for journal selection (e.g. journal reputation, decision time)
  • Publishing in open access journals
  • What editors want
  • What reviewers do
  • How to write a review report by yourself
  • What to do in case of rejection
  • Ethical obligations
  • Authorship


Short lectures provide information and tips; extended exercises help to develop individual strategies. In addition, participants share experiences and discuss recommendations.

PSI Education Center OSGA (room see Infopoint at the entrance)

One day:  (09:00 - 17:00) - 8 lessons
Dr. Philipp Mayer, www.science-textflow.ch
Philipp Mayer is trainer and coach. He has broad experience in research and in adult education.

Further information
Philipp Hediger (Head of PSI Education Center), Tel. 2498, philipp.hediger@psi.ch

Questions with regard to registration
Birgit Kugler (PSI Education Center), Tel. 2500, birgit.kugler@psi.ch

Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen

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