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K 875 E 

Recognised radiological protection training for laboratory personnel in working areas type B and C (I 19)

Target audience
Laboratory personnel (Application field I 19)

Course aims
Participants will acquire the
- Competences (Annex 4, Table 2) and
- Training contents (Appendix 4, Table 4) for laboratory personnel (Application field I 19)
as outlined in the Radiation Protection Training Ordinance (SR 814.501.261).

Course contents
- Radiophysical and radiobiological basics of radiation protection
- Assessment of radiation-induced hazard potential
- Professional handling of radioactive material according to current radiation protection regulations
- Personal and technical radiation protection measures
- Basics and practical application of measurement technology related to radiation protection
- Relevant laws, ordinances and guidelines
- Accident prevention

Safety notice
The numerous practical components of the course focus on both closed and open radioactive sources (alpha, beta and gamma emitters). Please note that pregnant or breastfeeding women are not admitted to this course for radiation protection reasons.

PSI Education Center

Group size
6 to 16

Exam / Certificate
After successful completion of the written exam, a certificate recognised by the FOPH is issued.

Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen

Course participants should be familiar with basic mathematics (e.g. operations with exp, log functions as well as scientific notation) and have at least an intermediate level in English.