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First Aid Course (basic life support) (PSI-Akademie)
Despite there is a well-organized and professional system of emergency medical care all over Switzerland, a person who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest will only have an acceptable chance to survive, if the gap between collapse and arrival of an ambulance is managed by amateurs providing first aid. This course teaches the most important skills in the case of cardiac arrest.

Target audience

The participants

  • call for help and regard safety first in emergeny situations
  • provide basic life support skills (BLS) incl. automated external defibrillation (AED) on adult training mannikins
  • transfer BLS-skills during scenario training
  • reflect the motivations of first aid

Content theorie

  • safety first in first aid
  • emergency telephone numbers
  • course of action according to the "algorithm BLS-AED-SRC"
  • recognition and assessment of emergency situations (incl. chain of survival)
  • communication and cooperation with lay rescuers and health care professionals
  • motivations of care

Content practice

  • skillstraining: primary survey, chest compressions, ventilation and defibrillation by using an AED
  • different training scenarios
PSI Education Center (room see Infopoint at the entrance)
1/2 day: 13:00h – 16:30h (4 units)

PSI employees CHF 300.-, external participants CHF 360.-

Schweizer Institut für Rettungsmedizin
Guido A. Zäch Strasse 2b, 6207 Nottwil

Further information
Philipp Hediger (Leiter PSI Bildungszentrum), Tel. 2498, philipp.hediger@psi.ch

Question with regard to registration
Monika Fuchs (PSI Bildungszentrum), Tel. 2400, monika.fuchs@psi.ch
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