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K 957 E 

Workshop "Articles in sciences: structure and clarity" (PSI-Akademie)

Target Audience
This workshop is aimed at PhD candidates and researchers planning to publish


The participants

  • learn how to structure sections and paragraphs of research articles
  • get to know characteristics of clear research articles
  • learn how to apply effective techniques for text quality improvment


  • What are characteristics of clear research articles?
  • Which techniques help to find the focus of a planned research article?
  • How can we use paragraphs as building blocks?
  • What are the paragraph structures of introduction, material and methods, results and discussion sections?
  • Which words should we avoid?
  • Copyright issues


We explore and discuss text examples, writing techniques and software tools. Furthermore, each partipant works on his or her research article project and develops an outline

PSI Education Center OSGA (room see Infopoint at the entrance)

One day: 17th January (09:00 - 17:00) - 8 lessons
Dr. Philipp Mayer, www.science-textflow.ch
Target audience for this course are PhD's and Postdocs (cost of CHF 50.-). Other PSI employees can only be considered in case of spare capacity (cost CHF 450.- ) external particpants (cost CHF 540.-)

Further information
Philipp Hediger (Head of PSI Education Center), Tel. 2498, philipp.hediger@psi.ch

Questions with regard to registration
Birgit Kugler (PSI Education Center), Tel. 2500, birgit.kugler@psi.ch

Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen

Before the workshop, each participant determines a preliminary title and a tentative conclusion for his or her projected research article. You may also be interested in the workshop: Efficiency in Scientific and Technical Writing (K938 E)