Industrie, Gewerbe, Lehre, Forschung und Transport
K 875 E 

Recognised radiological protection training for laboratory personnel in working areas type B and C (I 19)

Course content

  • Radiation physics
  • Radiobiology
  • Measurement techniques
  • Swiss legal framework
  • Incidents, transport and waste management


By the end of the course, participants will able to apply safe working practices when handling unsealed radiation sources.

Target audience
Scientists, engineers and technicians working with unsealed radiation sources.

Based on Article 16 (requirements for qualification) of the Radiological Protection Ordinance (RPO):
1 For persons in research, teaching, medical analysis, industry, nuclear facilities, transport and trade who have radiological protection responsibilities vis-à-vis other people, radiological protection training, including an examination, recognised by the supervisory authority shall be regarded as evidence that they are duly qualified.

Certificate / exam
The course is designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health and finishes with a 90-minute written exam on Friday afternoon. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of competence according to article 16 of the RPO.

Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen

Course participants should be familiar with basic mathematics (e.g. operations with exp, log functions as well as scientific notation) and have at least an intermediate level in English.