Kurse der PSI-Akademie
K 910 E 

Chemical safety basics (PSI-Akademie)


  • Know the 6 basic rules for handling stuff hazardous to health
  • Know the 9 GHS pictograms
  • Chemical management procedures: Ordering, storage, transport, usage, disposal
  • Recognize hazards, specific dangers and labelling
  • Ordering chemicals via software ChemA, basics (914 E)
  • Personal protective equipment, basics (911 E, further)
  • Fire prevention and  measures, basics (913 E)
  • Handling compressed gas cylinders, cryogenes, basics (912 E)
  • Actions in case of fire and emergency,  emergency organisations, basics (911 E, further)
  • information sources: homepage, directives, lab rules, safety data sheets, responsibilities for safety at PSI
  • Short test


Target Audience
All employees handling chemicals (ordering, transport, storage, usage, disposal), especially PhD students, postdocs and advisers seeking an overview on chemical safety. Where merely basics are taught in this basic course, further information will be provided in specific instruction courses (911 E, 912 E, 913 E and 914 E).


08.30 – 11.30 h


PSI Education Center OSGA (room see Infopoint at the entrance)

Instructor / Contact
Louis Tiefenauer, Tel. 2514, Louis.Tiefenauer@psi.ch

Please note that in case of no-show an adminstrative fee of CHF 50.- will be charged.

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